Junior Abby Oberle raises $1,400 for the Student Care Fund


Superintendent Dr. Doug Sumner and De Soto High School Principal Mark Meyer pose for a with junior Abby Oberle, who earned a Certificate of Community Service from the USD 232 Board of Education Aug. 19, 2013.

Emily Herrington, Arts Editor

De Soto High School junior Abby Oberle raised just over $1,400 for the school district’s Student Care Fund on Aug. 10, 2013.

The Student Care Fund was established in 2010 by the Board of Education to help local students and families in times of need. Without relying on any tax dollars, the fund raises its money through donations.

The money provides a range of things that people otherwise may not be able to afford. It pays for back to school supplies, family groceries, emergency shelter and helps to pay for clothing as well.

Oberle became interested in the project when her mom read about it online and told her about it. She wanted to help out within her community and thought that the cause was something that affected everyone.

“To me clothing is really important because I think that what people wear really expresses who they are. If I’m in a certain outfit that makes me feel confident, then I feel like I’m going to be more successful,” Oberle said. “I just think that everyone should have the opportunity to feel that way.”

She quickly organized a back to school used clothing sale because she wanted to do something that everyone could contribute to.

“I knew that there had to be so many other people, just like me, that had things in the back of their closet. Stuff that didn’t fit and stuff that I just wasn’t going to wear ever again,” Oberle said. “I thought that there had to be some way to go throughout the community and get everyone involved in the project.”

In order to spread the word, Oberle texted everyone she knew. She sent an email throughout the district and eventually had people who she had never met contacting her. In a matter of days, Oberle had collected thousands of pieces of clothing.

“I had three large rooms full of clothing. Some piles were five feet tall,” Oberle said.

She originally only planned on raising $200 with the sale, but the project exceeded all of her expectations by a long shot.

“Last year they raised thousands of dollars, and I thought that if I could give even just a little bit, it would be huge. I was so proud when it turned out that successful,” Oberle said.

With so much success this year, Oberle is considering doing it again next year. She is already coming up with some ideas to make it more beneficial to the community.

“Next year I was thinking that I could do the exact same thing, or I could change it up a little bit. One of the women who contributed told me that it would be really cool to do spirit wear,” she said. “Between the schools, spirit wear is really expensive. Just a t-shirt costs $15-20. I thought that it would be really cool if everyone donated their t-shirts that they don’t wear anymore.”

Oberle thinks that would be an inexpensive way to spread more school spirit throughout the district. She also thought that it would really help new students who have not had the opportunity to buy some of their own.

Oberle received a Certificate of Community Service from the Board of Education for her act of kindness and selflessness on Aug. 19, 2013. The project could not have been more successful without the work of Oberle and her friends and family.