Open Letter to The Green Pride Staff


Emma Hellerich, Editor-in-Chief

As my time as an Editor-in-Chief is coming to an end, I would never have imagined I would like newspaper as much as I have. This class has become an environment for me to learn more about myself and challenge myself. Newspaper has not only been a place where I can grow creatively but also grow connections with those around me. I truly have made long-lasting friendships that I would never have had without my time on staff.

To my fellow editor, Trever, I wish you nothing but the best as you continue your journey at JCCC. I am so glad you’re doing construction and not something with design.

Will, to one of the quietest people in our class, you somehow never fail to make me laugh. You have a dry humor that is so funny, you help calm tense moments. Your ability to write is incredible and I wish you so much luck as an EIC next year. 

To Liz and Sara, you both have amazed me this year. Your abilities to adapt and give your honest feedback are much appreciated. Liz, you are so creative and amazing at design, I know those skills will take you somewhere. Sara, your writing is amazing, and I know it will continue to flourish. 

Parker and Jenna, thank you both for always helping out when you can and being a team player. I wish you both the best of luck at the University of Kansas.

To the new staffers, Jason, Kayla, and Carrie, you all are going to do great things with the rest of the time on staff. Jason, your knowledge of U.S. states is amazing, and Kayla your ability to have a conversation is so cool. Carrie, thank you for always being part of the team and asking what you can do to help.

To another first staff writer, and my sister Maddie, I know you’ll do great things in the rest of your high school career. My only piece of advice is to not procrastinate.

And finally, to the graphic design editor, Ashlyn. I am so proud of you and how much you have helped lead the class this year. You always go above and beyond, and I am so excited to see what you do next. I know you’ll do amazing things.

And last but not least, Mrs. Riley. You have been such an amazing teacher and role model for me. You have done so much for me and the class that has helped the newspaper take off. Thank you for editing my stories, helping me design a page and always listening and pushing me to be my best. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

Best wishes,

Emma Hellerich (for the last time)