DHS Marketing program has a successful fundraiser at Oasis Nutrition


Junior Ivy Stoltz and Marketing teacher Ben Stamey pose with the money they earned during the fundraiser.

Will Hudelson, Sports Editor

The marketing program at De Soto High School recently hosted a fundraiser at Oasis Nutrition to raise money for their coffee shop and the program as a whole.

The class achieved their goal and received real world experience along the way. 

Marketing teacher Ben Stamey was satisfied with how the experience gave the students an outlook of working with a real business.

“It was the real world. We were working with an actual business and we got some professional experience and they [the students] can use that going forward,” Stamey said.

The Oasis idea was sprouted from other clubs and activities at DHS that have had great success working with the drink shop. Also, a marketing student is employed there, so they made the suggestion.

“She made the suggestion that we partner with Oasis because other departments have done that and been successful,” Stamey said.

The money raised will be going directly to the students and the marketing program as a whole. The class that raised the most money also received some extra benefits.

The day of the fundraiser was divided into the different class periods, and the team who earned the most money will get some extra benefits.

“​​The winning class will get some benefits, but it’s also going to support the other classes with the coffee shop and other classes we have,” Stamey said.

This money has been very crucial for growing the new coffee shop now available to all students. Cat’s Corner has been a positive addition to the school and has created huge profit to further support the marketing department.

The program will continue to grow because of this experience and the students will be more thoroughly prepared for college and even their future careers in marketing.