End of finals week preparations


Junior Carson Schuman reviews her pre-calculus study guide in preparation for her upcoming final.

Emma Hellerich, Co-Feature Editor

Throughout the course of the 2021 school year, students have been adjusting to the workload after the previous inconsistencies to how school has looked because of COVID-19.

The workload for De Soto High School students has been overwhelming and stress has increased due to the end of the semester finals. 

Despite the stress, workload and junior year being considered the most difficult year of high school, junior Carson Schuman has been prioritizing her time to succeed.

“I’ve been trying to use time management skills to plan what final I am going to study for,” Schuman said. 

For some students, it is their first time experiencing a high school final. Freshman Sophie Boresow explains how she is preparing herself for the long four days ahead. 

“I am preparing for finals by going to the Monticello Library to study, and I have a tutor I see for math help,” Boresow said. 

Junior Angelo Saunders explains the difficulty of having to relearn first quarter material.

“I’m a little nervous for math because there are multiple subjects that I have to relearn,” Saunders said. “In math, most people learn the subject then forget it as soon as it is not needed.”

While having to refresh on old material from the previous units, Schuman suggests some tips for students at DHS such as final grade calculators online to figure out the score needed to get the wanted grade in the class.

“It [final grade calculator] helps me determine what my grade will look like and what to focus on,” Schuman said. “Make sure you set a lot of time aside for what you think is most important to study.” 

As finals week approaches, DHS offered after school help to prepare students for finals. The event was called “Cocoa and Cram” and provided students with tutors, refreshments and activities to help in this stressful time.