Activities to fulfill the Autumn season

Activities to fulfill the Autumn season

Although the month of October has come to a close, there are still many fall activities families can do together and the opportunities are endless. 

Many families choose multiple activities to do throughout to celebrate the season of fall.

According to “USA Love List,” there are five traditional fall activities for families to participate in. The first activity is visiting a local farm. 

“Many farms hold fun family activities like hayrides, corn mazes and pumpkin picking,” Tracey Hanson, author of USA Love List, said.

In the Kansas City area, there are multiple pumpkin patches and farms that families can attend. A few of those places include the well-known Louisburg Cider Mill, KC Pumpkin Patch and located close to De Soto,  the Schaake Pumpkin Patch. 

The second activity that families can participate in is creating Halloween decorations. 

Instead of having to go out to multiple stores to find the perfect decorations that fit with your home, Hanson recommends gathering the family together and making decorations. 

The website also lists getting the family together to bake and decorate Halloween cookies. 

“Halloween themed cookie cutters are our favorite Halloween baking accessory,” Hanson said.

The last two activities that Hanson suggests are carving pumpkins and creating glow in the dark slime. 

Another activity that involves the entire family is apple picking, which can be done at Davenport Orchards and Winery in Eudora. 

While some may love to participate in the traditional and non-scary activities that the autumn months bring, there are also multiple activities for those who want a fright. 

There are also a few scary activities that excite those who love to have an adrenaline rush. The first activity teens or families can participate in is haunted houses. 

In the Kansas City area, there are many haunted houses that people can choose from. Two of the haunted houses located in downtown KC are The Edge of Hell and The Beast. 

In addition to haunted houses, there are also haunted trails that many can follow. Located in Bonner Springs is Exiled – Trail of Terrors. In this self-guided mile-long trail, there are live-action characters who stand within the haunted forest while people try to get through it. 

For those who would rather stay in their homes during the Halloween season, there are also multiple Halloween themed and scary movies online that families can watch. Some of the most popular movies for the family are Monster House, Hocus Pocus and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. As for scary movies, the most popular are Halloween, Scream and Us

The last few Halloween activities that are family-friendly include Trick-or-Treating, wearing costumes, and eating candy. 

No matter what you decide to do during the fall season, there is a multitude to choose from, all of which will satisfy.