WOTW: Charlie Woleben

DHS freshman takes on Calculus


Charlie Woleben works on Calculus homework during Seminar

Will Hudelson, Staff Reporter

Charlie Woleben is taking Calculus in his freshman year of high school. Although there are a few freshmen in Pre-Calculus, he is the only one in regular Calculus.

His advanced math journey started in seventh grade when he took Integrated Math II in a summer school setting. The following year he took Pre-Calculus as a remote class on top of normal schooling. 

Math and numbers have always come easily to him, but he didn’t get to where he is now without a little bit of work.

“Numbers are easier for me, but I have put in a lot of work to understand how to use them,” Woleben said.

Woleben has not had any struggles so far as they are still early in the school year and are reviewing subjects from the previous class, Pre-Calculus. However, the class has already been a big adjustment for Woleben, as this is his first time being in a high school setting.

While Calculus is a challenge for almost all students, Woleben has tried his best to get through all the work independently.

“I try to do most of it independently, but if I do need help, my dad can usually help me with that,” Woleben said.

Woleben’s workload is not light on top of Calculus. He is taking every honors class (Biology, Civics/World Geography, and English), as well as playing football and basketball. 

Calculus is very difficult and challenging, but Woleben does like a few aspects of the class. In fact, he enjoys the fast pace of the class.

“I like that it’s an accelerated pace so you can actually get through work pretty quickly,” Woleben said. “You don’t spend time doing the problem over and over again.”

Woleben has enjoyed his freshman year so far. He has been able to talk to old friends from way back in elementary school.

Calculus has not altered Woleben’s high school experience at all and he has been able to adjust to the new environment. He has even been able to get to know some of the upperclassmen. 

What’s next for Woleben? Well, he can take Calculus II with the high school, but the future after that is uncertain, as he has many options.

“I’ll do Calc II next year, but after that, we’re not sure if I’ll try to take classes through Johnson County or not,” Woleben said.

Regardless of what happens next, it is very impressive to be in such a high level class at such a young age.