6-foot-7 Sophomore pitches for varsity baseball

WOTW: Greyson Chappel

Sophomore Greyson Chappel gets ready to pitch the ball on May 10.

Ryan Johnson

Sophomore Greyson Chappel gets ready to pitch the ball on May 10.

Trever Tilton, Staff Reporter

Sports, in general, are difficult in High School. But a varsity sport is more work and responsibility to improve on and maintain. 

Sophomore Greyson Chappel is a 6-foot-7 varsity closing pitcher for the De Soto High School Wildcats baseball team.

“I like being the closing pitcher because it makes me feel very important to hold the team together,” Chappel said

Another sport that he very much enjoys and has fun playing is basketball. However,  baseball has been a part of his life for a very long time

“I have been playing baseball since I was 4 years old, and it’s always something that I’ve really enjoyed doing and playing,” Chappel said.

Chappel also really enjoys the atmosphere of the sport. The energy that the whole team provides gives him a great mental attitude. 

“I enjoy being around my teammates. They are cool and fun people,” Chappel said.

Chappel likes the game so much that when he is not practicing or playing, he is umpiring. He is also already getting offers from colleges, although he is only a sophomore.

All positions on a team are important, but without a good pitcher, a team wouldn’t be able to function properly.

“My fastest thrown pitch recorded was about 87 miles per hour,” Chappel said.

The junior varsity baseball team poses for a photo after defeating the Spring Hill Broncos on May 28.

Keeping up with grades is also of high importance when you are playing a school sport. Chappel maintains a fairly steady set of A’s and B’s throughout the school year.

While actively going to school and playing two sports, Chappel still continues to blast his humorous, creative personality throughout the day around the school.