Amanda Sweet nominated for Teacher of the Year award


Wildcat Photo

Kansas Teacher of the Year nominee Amanda Sweet poses with principal Sam Ruff after being presented with a plaque.

Hunter Finerty, Editor in Chief

Every year, the De Soto High School staff gets the opportunity to nominate their peers for the prestigious Kansas Teacher of the Year award. 

This year’s nominee was AP Literature and English 9 teacher, Amanda Sweet. 

“It was definitely a surprise. I really appreciate the recognition from my peers who nominated me for the award in the first place,” Sweet said. 

Sweet’s students responded very positively to her nomination, recognizing her unique teaching style. 

“I like having Mrs. Sweet as my teacher. There is a lot of room for discussion. My writing and poetry analysis skills have improved, and her comments have helped me with overarching themes,” said senior AP Literature student Alli Rozelle. 

Sweet’s focus on allowing her students to set the tone for the class is something that is incredibly well received. 

“I like our discussions in class about books. I like that she lets us take the lead and it’s up to our interpretation,” said senior AP Literature student Emily Kresin. 

In addition to positive feedback from her students, Sweet’s peers feel she deserved the award she received. 

“It’s been an honor to see her grow. I remember her as a student here when I first started at DHS in 2000. I’ve gotten to cultivate a professional relationship and a personal relationship with her,” said media center specialist Jennifer Sosna.

Sweet also serves as assistant debate and forensics coach alongside head coach Will Mercer. 

“She has been a great resource to me both as somebody new to the school, as well as being an assistant to the debate and forensics programs. This year would not be possible without Mrs. Sweet,” Mercer said. 

Ultimately, Sweet is grateful to have the opportunity to grow alongside fellow Kansas Teachers of the Year. 

“It gives me the opportunity to be part of the Kansas Teacher of the Year team. I will get to participate in professional development activities from all across the state and make some useful connections,” Sweet said.