Athletes sign to play college sports


Austin Tabor signs to Fort Scott Community College alongside his parents and coaches on Feb. 3, 2021

As the 2020-21 school year slowly comes to a close, athletes of the current graduating class signed to their particular colleges on Feb. 3, 2021. 

“The signing in February was awesome,” senior athlete Weston Madden said. 

This year, due to COVID-19, the signing looked different for the athletes. Changes had to be made to the setup during the signing, such as the tables being spread apart and masks mandated. 

“Due to COVID, we couldn’t have the normal signing day with all of our friends and family there, and probably half the students as well,” senior athlete Austin Tabor said. 

Many of the athletes that signed had signed for multiple sports, including golf, football and soccer. As for Madden, he signed to the University of Central Missouri to play baseball. 

“I decided to go there [the University of Central Missouri] because they are a top tier Division II program,” Madden said. “ It’s only an hour from home, and I loved the coaching staff.” 

Another senior that signed to play at the college level was Austin Tabor. He signed to play football at Fort Scott Community College. 

“I chose Fort Scott for a couple of reasons. First off, the coaching staff have all been at Division I caliber programs in their past and can provide me with the best opportunity to make it to one [a Division I program].  Another big factor was that I’ve got three of my high school teammates coming to play with me and that gives me guys that I can trust,” Tabor said.

As for the signing, Tabor had also stated that it was a relief to finally sign to play at the college level. 

“It was also a valuable experience to share with some guys that I’ve played with since I was six or so,” Tabor said. 

In addition to Madden and Tabor signing, senior athlete Jordan Zade signed to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to play soccer; but for Zade, the signing was different due to being quarantined during the day set for signing. 

“Dec. 8 was when I signed in my kitchen since I got quarantined the day we had the signing at school,” Zade said.

Although signing was different for Zade, she is still very excited to play at the college level. 

“I am excited to grow as a player in ways I have not been able to. I am also excited to travel across the US  to see different universities and meet my new teammates,” Zade said.

Although signing day was different and impactful for every single one of the athletes that signed, each athlete stated that they are thankful they were able to have a signing day. 


In addition to the three athletes mentioned in this article, other athletes that signed are as followed: 

Regan Barr – Kansas State University – Rowing 

Henry Rokusek – Emporia State University – Cross Country/ Track and Field 

Carson Sturdy – Kansas State University – Cross Country/ Track and Field 

Easton Dubbert – Fort Scott Community College – Football 

Hayden Henderson – Fort Scott Community College – Football 

Jackson Miller – Hustinson Community Colllege – Football 

Austin Rosetta – University of South Dakota – Football 

Zachary Switzer – Fort Scott Community College – Football 

Zachariah Willis – Baker University – Football 

Andrea Jacober – Evangel University – Golf 

Brooke Stonestreet – Iowa State – Volleyball 

Nathan Barnhart – University of Wyoming – Basketball 

Katelynn Ostronic – William Jewell – Basketball 

Wyatt Barney – Rockhurst – Baseball 

Blake Hinson – Centralia University – Baseball 

Nathan Ogden – Benedictine College – Baseball 

Hunter Shurtleff – Mid America Nazarene University – Baseball 

Brayden Tower – Emporia State University – Baseball