Wildcat of the Week: Joshua Fullmer

Sophomore transitions to USD 232 school district in the midst of pandemic


Wildcat Photo

Sophomore Joshua Fullmer poses for a photo shortly after moving to the USD 232 school district area.

Ella Fixsen, Editor in Chief

At the beginning of second semester, De Soto High School welcomed a new sophomore student, Joshua Fullmer, from Spokane, Washington. 

Fullmer and his family moved to the De Soto area for various reasons. 

“My dad got a new job so he could work remotely from anywhere, so we decided to move here because we have family around here,” Fullmer said. 

With Kansas and Washington being in significantly different parts of the country, Fullmer has certainly noticed some distinct differences between the two states. 

“It’s a lot more flat here than where I used to live,” Fullmer said. “There’s also a lot more crazy weather.”

Although the transition has definitely been something that Fullmer has had to adjust to, he has a fairly positive attitude about the move. 

“I was actually pretty excited to move here,” Fullmer said. “It’s cool to meet new people and see a new place.”

Unlike an ordinary sophomore student, Fullmer entered DHS with the opportunity to take AP Calculus, a course typically taken only by juniors and seniors. 

“At my old school, they have a different math pathway,” Fullmer said. “It lined up so I could either retake Pre-Calculus or jump up to Calculus. I figured it would be more fun to challenge myself.”

While the course has been challenging for Fullmer, his underclassman status has not affected his ability to perform well in the class. 

“It’s been a little weird and intimidating to be in a class with a lot of upperclassmen, but they’re all really nice and helpful,” Fullmer said. 

Fullmer has also involved himself in various extracurricular activities around the school in order to get to know other students and continue pursuing past hobbies. One of these activities includes the DHS band. 

“My family’s always been involved with music, so I chose to play the piano,” Fullmer said. “I’ve been playing for about 11 years, and I plan to continue playing in the band.” 

Fullmer also wanted to become involved with De Soto athletics upon his arrival at the school. 

“I really like running cross country and track. I just started track here, and I plan on running the one mile, two mile and possibly the 800 meter,” Fullmer said. 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the 2020-21 school year as a whole, Fullmer feels that transitioning to a new school has gone as smoothly as it could have. 

“It’s been a little bit weird trying to get to know everyone with COVID going on, but it’s nice they moved to all in-person so I can meet everybody,” Fullmer said. “I feel like I’ve gotten to know my teachers and my classmates pretty well considering the circumstances.”