WOTW: Emily Kresin

Senior finds passion in sewing


Wildcat Photo

Senior Emily Kresin models a piece she sewed in 2019.

Emma Klingler, Staff Reporter

Finding a hobby is something that can be difficult for some people. They can come and go and even play a role in what one decides to pursue as a career after high school.

For senior Emily Kresin, sewing is one of those hobbies that will stick around for a while. Kresin has been sewing ever since she was a young child.

“I started sewing when I was 8 years old. My grandmother was the one who first taught me to sew and still helps me to this day,” Kresin said.

Her grandmother played a large role in how Kresin became interested in this hobby.

“My grandmother has been sewing since I’ve been alive, so I think that played a pretty big part. My mom never sewed but talked about the things her mom, my grandmother, made,” Kresin said.

After sewing was introduced by her grandmother, Kresin was hooked on this fun and creative hobby.

“Once I tried it for the first time, I realized how fun it was to create your own pieces that I can wear and show off,” Kresin said.

Although sewing is one of her favorite things to do in her free time, there are still many challenges that come with it. The hardest part is making the clothes fit properly and figuring out what adjustments need to be made.

“Definitely making the clothes fit in the beginning stages of production has always been the trickiest part,” Kresin said. “Minor adjustments can make a huge difference to how a piece of clothing looks and fits. Learning which adjustments to make through trial and error took some time to master.”

She makes all sorts of things and can even be seen wearing the clothes she makes in the halls at school. This is an enjoyable experience, because she knows that she is the only one who has that piece of clothing, which makes it even more special.

“One of my favorite things is wearing a piece I made and telling people I made it. I love knowing that I’m wearing something that’s unique and that no one else has,” Kresin said. 

Sewing is a hobby that is greatly enjoyed by Kresin; however, she is not planning to pursue this as a career. Instead, she will stick to doing this as a hobby when she has free time.

“Although I love sewing as a hobby, I am not going into sewing as a career. It’s definitely something I like doing in my free time but would not want to do as a full time job,” Kresin said.

Rather than pursuing this hobby as a career, Kresin plans to major in environmental science after high school.