WOTW: Zander Barkemeyer


Zander Barkemyer poses for picture on Jan. 15.

Ashton Hoffman, Staff reporter

While most students have different hobbies to occupy their free time, Zander Barkemeyer has found that drumming is what keeps him busy. 

“I started drums when I was 15,” Barkemeyer said. “It interested me because I have always wanted to learn an instrument and the drums seemed like such a cool thing to learn because the drums are the backbone to any band.”

Barkemeyer wants his drumming to get recognized to hopefully make it a full-time career. 

“If I am lucky enough to have my drumming be recognized then I would like to be a studio drummer,” Barkemeyer said. “I think that would be my dream job because you get to make money playing the drums, and it seems like such a fun thing to do as a career.” 

Barkemeyer would like to do drumming as a profession, but also wants to think more realistically about future careers.

“When I grow up I would like to do something in the engineering field or maybe something in the medical field,” Barkemeyer said. “ I would like to play drums as a job, but realistically I need to pick something more stable.”

Not only does Barkemeyer do drumming in his free time, but he also participates in Pep Club, which is fitting for such an energetic person.

“I think Zander’s energy makes people happy,” science teacher Abby Adams said. “People enjoy being around him because he is such a positive person and is always ready to have a good time. I know that whenever he comes into my classroom I can feel it once he enters the room. His energy is contagious.”

Barekemyer thought Pep Club would be a good way to occupy himself and spend time with his classmates.

“I decided to join Pep Club because it sounded like a fun way to get involved in the school,” Barkemeyer said. “I heard about something where you get to plan games to play and pick what clothes to wear on spirit day.”

Adams also emphasizes his ability to lighten up a room in a matter of seconds.

“Zander is always going out of his way to make sure that people are having a good time and feel comfortable,” Adams said. “I think that the fact he is a person that can really get along with anybody makes others open up around him. I think a good leader is someone who can really connect with those around them and who people genuinely like, and Zander is definitely that person.”

Barkemeyer is glad that he made the decision to join Pep Club and try something new, as well as make new friends in the process. 

“I wanted to speak at assemblies and get the crowd hype,” Barkemyer said. “It also led to certain events like dancing in front of the school. That was really fun and I am so glad I got the opportunity.”