Wildcat of the Week: Lillian Champlain

Junior at DHS begins Instagram account helping teens connect religiously

Wildcat of the Week: Lillian Champlain

Bella Wiltfong, Staff Reporter

Instagram has a place for many different accounts full of photography, personal media and now junior Lillian Champlain has created an Instagram account for sharing stories of her and others’ growth with Christianity. 

Champlain created the account teenshelpingteens2020 in late October of this year. Champlain started the account in hopes of being a resource for those who are interested in becoming more connected or knowledgeable of the gospel. 

“My intentions are to provide a community of teenagers that share a common belief, as well as to begin planting seeds about the gospel in the minds of teenagers who happen to come across that page online,” Champlain said.

With COVID-19 still being very prevalent, Champlain is limited to only certain areas in which she can participate with and talk to her followers on the account. 

Champlain has been sharing testimonies of some De Soto High School students and other students at Mill Valley High School as well. The testimonies they share their relationship with God and when they began to trust in God as well. 

“I have been personally reaching out to people, as well as reaching out to them through the Instagram account to see if they would be interested in sharing their story,” Champlain said.

When COVID-19 is over and people are safe to begin meeting in person again, Champlain has plans for what she would like to do with the account and community almost as well.

“I would like to start in-person Bible studies post covid and begin some more fellowship based discussions,” Champlain said.

Junior Lauren Bradley, who has shared a testimony on the account, is also beginning to help out and plan certain things with Champlain’s shared possibilities of bible studies happening sooner. 

“We can hopefully host Bible studies over Zoom that would be open to anyone and wouldn’t take up much of a person’s day either,” Bradley said.

Champlain wants to continue to watch the account grow and prosper while helping teenagers and spreading the words of the Bible with it as well.

“All I have done is start this account. It takes people being willing to participate and help to continue to cultivate and grow it,” Champlain said.

Champlain additionally has a lot of goals for her account. 

“I feel that a little interruption occasionally on someone’s page that is about God can be a good reminder throughout the week to stay strong in your faith,” Champlain said “People are also able to see people through the account that would be more than happy to talk to them about their faith or help guide them through some difficult times. My goal of this account is to help other teens know people they can surround themselves with that are going to keep them accountable, as well as help them continue to deepen their relationship with God.”