Wildcat of the Week: Gracie Smith

Freshman at DHS participates in multiple activities during fall season


Bella Wiltfong, Staff Reporter

Many De Soto High School students have hectic schedules, participating in sports, clubs and taking honors or AP classes. Freshman Gracie Smith, who participates in cross country, competitive soccer, honors classes and Allegro, definitely understands this struggle.

Allegro is a choir group that participates in retreats, rehearsals, performances, lessons and sectionals while also traveling around the country.

“We sing all sorts of languages and styles of music. We travel all around the country and the world. They’ve been to France, Germany, etc.” Smith said. 

Allegro’s mission is to enrich the lives of Kansas City students through outstanding choral education and performance opportunities. 

“I had to audition to get into Allegro, but overall it’s really fun,” Smith said. 

Smith also participates in competitive soccer and plans to try out for girls’ soccer in the spring. 

“I love it [soccer], and most of my time is still spent doing that [playing soccer],” Smith said. 

What makes Smith all the more impressive is that she also participates in cross country. 

Smith missed Monday practices during the season in order to still participate in choir but still showed up to the next practice ready to run. 

“Cross country was so much fun. With most things I do, I enjoy the people around me and how they also love doing the things I do,” Smith said. 

Smith ran some impressive races as well, taking first in the girls JV race at the UKC meet with a time of 22:26.2. 

Smith’s personal record is 22:14.10 and with this only being her first year, she will improve come sophomore year as well. 

“Gracie is a super sweet girl, and she’s really fun to have on the team and run with as well,” Kimmy Ippel, a sophomore on the cross country team said. 

“My schedule seems really complicated, but I manage. I have school, and then in the afternoons I have all my activities,” Smith said.