Wildcat of the Week: Kyle Newberry

De Soto student participates in two fall sports


Junior defender Kyle Newberry heads the ball against Turner on September 15th.

Brady Huggins, Staff Reporter

The fall sports season at De Soto High School takes on a new meaning for junior Kyle Newberry. While most student athletes are busy balancing their sport along with schoolwork, Newberry plays two varsity sports and does so seamlessly.

Newberry participates in both soccer and cross country at the varsity level. Playing two sports at a high level can be extremely demanding at times. While the physical challenges of playing two sports at once are unparalleled, it’s the time management aspect that Newberry has to focus on the most. 

“Time management to get homework and classwork done,” said Newberry when asked about the greatest challenges of dual-sporting. “It’s also important to get the right amount of rest.” “I run six days a week and play soccer at least three days a week.” 

Despite the heavy workload, Newberry thoroughly enjoys the busy schedule that comes with dual-sporting.

 “I enjoy being busy, which makes fall semester go by much faster,” Newberry said. “I like being pushed to my limits.” 

Newberry is playing his third year of varsity soccer this year and has earned all-Conference honors in the previous two years. However, accolades and accomplishments aren’t what he enjoys most about the sport. 

“I really like the team aspect of the soccer team. We have great chemistry and a familial bond,” Newberry said. His love for soccer is shared and recognized by his teammates. 

“Kyle is great at the sport, but his heart and passion for the game is something I admire,” said junior Jackson Porras, who has played alongside Newberry for three years. “He truly cares about the team. He has never shown any negativity and is always positive.” 

Although Newberry’s personality and positivity around the team is exceptional, his strengths and skills as a player are also crucial to the team’s success. 

“His recovery is amazing,” Porras said. “When he loses the ball, he always recovers quickly.” 

Drew Proctor, who is in his third year as the head soccer coach at De Soto, is also very complimentary of Newberry. 

“Kyle is one of the most coachable kids I’ve ever met. He always applies what we work on at practice to games,” Proctor said. “He’s solid defensively, comfortable on the ball and has grown tremendously since freshman year.” 

Aside from his love and passion for soccer, Newberry excels in running and is a key contributor to the De Soto cross country team. Senior Connor Gibson recognizes and appreciates Newberry’s work ethic. 

“Obviously [Kyle] is a top runner for us. His presence as a hard worker motivates us as a team, and he’s always pushing us to be better,” Gibson said. “He is hard-working, disciplined and very team oriented.” 

The selfless attitude that Gibson identified is recognized by head cross country coach, Jack Sachse, who has coached Newberry for the last three years. 

“He’s a quiet leader. He does the right things and models what a great athlete should be,” Sachse said. 

Very rarely do students play two sports at such a high level at the same time, and Sachse admires Newberry’s dedication and work ethic. 

“It’s [dual-sporting] really hard to do. I don’t think there’s many people who can pull off two fall sports,” Sachse said.

Newberry has run competitively since seventh grade and  enjoys the sport’s ability to constantly challenge him.

“I love the feeling that I get when I step on the starting line, knowing that I have to give everything I have,” Newberry said. He also enjoys seeing improvement in his times. “When I PR (personal record), I love the feeling of pride and accomplishment, along with the competition aspect.” 

Newberry has gained a reputation as a fierce competitor. After earning all-Conference honors and a top-10finish at Regionals a year ago, he aims for an all-State finish at the State championships in 2020.  

With the athletic prowess that Newberry has accredited during his first three years at De Soto, it’s no doubt he wants to continue competing at the college level. 

“I would like to play soccer in college, and I’d also like to run track,” Newberry said. 

Based on his work ethic and past performances, the sky’s the limit. Proctor summed it up perfectly.

 “It takes a special person to play two varsity sports,” Proctor said. “And he’s a special kid.”