Meet the Student Council president and vice president candidates for 2020-21


Graphic by Chase Culver

Chase Culver, Staff Reporter

Annually, the elections for De Soto High School Student Council president and vice president take place in April. Usually campaigning and voting takes place in-person, but due to COVID-19, everything regarding these important elections is going to be done virtually. This year’s election will take place through students’ emails from May 6-8 at 3 p.m.

This year there are four candidates total: two for vice president and two for president. Juniors Jaycie Swift and Kyle Smith are competing for the position of vice president, while juniors Abi Yarbrough and Brent Smith are competing for president. 

As expected, all four of the candidates have different game plans for what they hope to accomplish if they are elected to their desired position. 

For Yarbrough, she hopes to give a voice to the student body if she were to be elected.

“I’m running for Student Council president so that every single person can have their voice heard,” Yarbrough said. “I want Student Council to support the ideas of the student and not the other way around.” 

Brent Smith, the other presidential candidate, hopes to accomplish four goals if he is to be elected.

“I have four main goals for my Student Council presidency, all of which aim towards making sure every student at DHS feels heard and included,” Smith said. “These goals summed up are to ensure voices are heard, increase school spirit, foster a culture of inclusivity, and to give back to the community.” 

Additionally, the vice president candidates also have a wide range of ideas they want to implement if they are elected to these positions, such as including previously collected student body ideas and creating an accepting community.

Through her campaign, Swift has taken action to collect opinions from the student body and is hoping to use these ideas if she is to be elected.

“I hope to plan and help lead events for the school so all proceeds go to a specific person or organization,” Swift said. “I created a form and can now see what most people want – so why not go for it? I really want to have a spirited, positive, and active school year before I leave!”

For Kyle Smith, he hopes to create a more accepting environment and have open meetings for wildcats to attend. 

“I am going to attempt to create a culture of acceptance throughout DHS to care for others in this time of need,” Smith said. “I am hoping to create open meetings in the theater once a quarter to allow for the student body to respectfully discuss their ideas and concerns to make DHS a better place for everyone.”Most importantly, why exactly should the student body vote for them?


Abi Yarbrough

The student body should vote for me because I’m a change. I’m willing to put myself out there for their ideas. I’m running for this position not for my ideas but for theirs. I want new ideas from new people, not the same ideas that the same people have been saying. If people want true change that benefits everyone they have to elect a multifaceted leader that truly represents every aspect of the school, and that’s me!


Brent Smith:

The student body should vote for me to be their Student Council president because every student can count on me to hear their voices and fulfill their needs. Through my active participation in a wide range of activities at DHS – including four sports, band, Student Council and a number of other academic clubs – I have come to represent every demographic of students at DHS, and plan to continue doing so as Student Council president. I have also proven my abilities to be a successful leader in both in-school and out-of-school activities, specifically as Science Olympiad Team captain and a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society campaign leader. Both my active representation of every student at DHS, and my proven leadership abilities in numerous types of activities, display why the Student Body should vote me, Brent Smith, to be their Student Council president. 


Jaycie Swift:

I talk about StuCo and the things I want to do all the time, I’m invested in it. I want to be able to put even more effort into the vice president position. I’ve worked well with each of my peers, and I think we can really make an impact this year. De Soto High School means so much to me and I want to be able to pass that feeling down and guide our student body for my last year.


Kyle Smith

I can represent the majority of the student body and have shown to be an effective student and leader. I have been involved in almost every club, activity and sports team throughout DHS which allows me to effectively represent everyone at DHS. I also have proven to be a hardworking student at De Soto with my GPA of 4.425, and I am first in class rank. Finally, I have proven to be an experienced and effective leader through my leadership positions in Student Council, Pep Club, prom committee and more.


Voting is scheduled to occur via student school emails and will be sent out on May 6. Ballots will close on May 8 at 3 p.m. Additionally, provided in this email will be video speeches from each of the candidates.