WOTW: Abi Yarbrough

Junior has academic accomplishments at De Soto High School



Junior Abi Yarbrough poses in front of De Soto High School for senior class present campaign photo.

Natalie Nusz, Staff Reporter

Junior Abi Yarbrough has taken many steps to show her involvement within De Soto High School. Not only does Yarbrough participate in activities, but she has also achieved high academic standards. 

“I am involved in band, yearbook, student council, Ambassadors and Mentors Crew, National Honors Society, Cats Care, District Advisory Council, Scholar’s Bowl, tennis and a freshman mentor,” Yarbrough said.  

These activities have allowed Yarbrough to meet new people at DHS and make connections. Yarbrough believes getting involved can help others form a community at DHS.  

“There are so many clubs and activities at De Soto that you are guaranteed to find a place where you feel comfortable. If that’s not on the football field, then maybe it is in the theater. There are so many places that you can get involved that every person should have a place where they feel they can go,” Yarbrough said. 

Yarbrough has demonstrated her diverse skills through her action within DHS. Additionally, Yarbrough has worked to maintain an ACT score of 35, as well as a PSAT score of 1490. These scores are exceptionally good and place Yarbrough as a possible National Merit Scholar contender. Yarbrough will find out in September what her status is within the National Merit Scholars program.  

“You just have to be hopeful that you get in. That will open a lot of doors and  make me able to continue making a difference for my college and future,” Yarbrough said. 

During her senior year, Yarbrough hopes to be more involved than she is currently. With college in her future, she still believes it is important to focus on the present. 

“I want to enjoy my senior year and make the best of it. I don’t want to rush into my future and value and appreciate the things I have now,” Yarbrough said. 

Because Yarbrough has been involved heavily in the student council, she is running to be the 2020-21 senior class president. She has already started campaigning and is hopeful for the future.  

“My goal is to implement ideas that are brought up through the student body. I want everyone’s voice to feel heard and listened to. If it takes me all year to personally talk to every person and hear what they want, then that is what I will do. I want to make it not about me, but about what the rest of the school wants,” Yarbrough said.