WOTW: Mya Conley

Conley balances her student involvement with academics successfully


Wildcat photo

Senior Mya Conley works with her cheer teammates during Fall Fest at the De Soto High School football field on August 23, 2019.

Abby Campbell, Staff Reporter

As the school year ends, many students at De Soto High School are bitter-sweet to see the seniors, who have contributed a lot, graduate and move on to college. Senior Mya Conley is one of these students who have contributed a lot to DHS. 

Conley is involved in several different activities at DHS, including: Cats Care, National Honors Society and A & M crew. Conley is also a senior class officer and one of the De Soto cheer captains. 

“Each club has taught me something different. Cheer has made me appreciate the importance of everyone being on a team. A & M crew and NHS has taught me the impact that serving your community has on not only those around you, but also how fulfilling it is to do that,” Conley said. 

Lisa Conley, Mya’s mom, is also very proud of her daughter’s involvement around the DHS environment. 

“Mya cares about school and she is smart. I don’t think she has taken on more than she can handle, and she has enjoyed cheerleading especially and has made wonderful friends,” Lisa said. 

Conley plans to pursue her college experience at Texas Christian University. There she is planning to major in biochemistry with a pre-med concentration and a minor in Spanish for health professionals. 

“My goals are to maintain above a 3.75 GPA and to start making connections with professors and people to help me gain clinical experience,” Conley said. 

Because Conley is going out of the state, there is also a lot of nerve that comes with it. 

“I am nervous about going out of state because I won’t know anyone my first time there, which is a situation I have never been put in, especially without the comfort of having close friends and family to talk to in person,” Conley said. 

Despite the nerves, Conley has learned many lessons throughout DHS to help her prepare for the change. 

“Being one of the cheer captions has led me to a better understanding of getting along and leading a group, especially of women, which I hope will give me the skills to pursue roles in the Greek community and campus ministry next year,” Conley said. 

Lisa also agrees that DHS has prepared her for her future, especially classes like the ACT prep course. 

Despite the excitement of attending college in the future, many will miss Conley, including her cheer teammates. 

“I will miss Mya next year because I looked up to her as a captain. Mya has contributed good sportsmanship and makes sure everyone knows what they’re doing,” sophomore Kennedy Pickert said. 

Conley will also miss many of her favorite DHS memories. 

“I love Friday night football games. I’m going to miss seeing everyone come together to cheer on the team,” Conley said.  “I’m glad we did well this year so that the team, as well as the senior class, got to finish with a lot of energy.”