WOTW: Trevor Tilton

Trever Tilton demonstrates positive leadership as a freshman


Chase Culver

Although only a freshman, Trevor Tilton's passion for leadership is able to be expressed through his work in Student Council.

Chase Culver, Staff Reporter

At De Soto High School, getting involved is something that a majority of students do, whether it is in sports, clubs or community organizations. Within one of De Soto’s clubs that is focused around leadership, Student Council, is freshman representative Trever Tilton.

Tilton was elected into Student Council this year as a freshman representative and has expanded his passion for leadership through it. 

“I joined Student Council to try to be more of a leader for my peers. I mainly want to help the school out, meet upperclassmen and grow as a young adult,” Tilton said.

Although Tilton has learned a lot of important skills, Student Council has also presented challenges during the year.

“Being the only [freshman] boy in Student Council is tough… but I think it really shows that it’s not just something girls do,” Tilton said.

Through Tilton’s adversity, he has learned very valuable lessons.

 “I feel like anyone, no matter your gender, can do wonders in Student Council and really benefit the school and community,” Tilton said.

On the Student Council team with Tilton is freshman representative Lauren Pratt, who appreciates his leadership.

“Trever is a good leader because of how kind, generous and outgoing he is, which really sets a good example for the people around him,” Pratt said. 

Aside from Student Council, Tilton is also a member of Seatbelts Are for Everyone Council (SAFE) with junior Abi Yarbrough.

“He [Trevor] is always willing to put himself out in front of his grade and be a role model,” Yarbrough said. “The enthusiasm he shows while we are doing seatbelt checks or other events get everyone else pumped to be involved.” 

Tilton’s passion for leadership has just begun, and he is eager to see where it takes him and his community during his time at De Soto. 

“Leadership is one of the biggest points in my life right now. I feel like leadership is one of the most important things that, as a young adult, you need to learn,” Tilton said.