DHS student buys and resells designer items for profit


Wildcat Photo

Junior Ben Harding prepares shoes that he has sold for shipment to his clients.

Jack McCracken, Staff

Buying and reselling designer shoes, clothing or apparel may seem like an uncommon hobby, but it is how junior Benton Harding makes a profit.

“When companies release items in high-demand, they will release them in small quantities, which increases the hype.  With such little quantity being sold, when I buy them, I can sell the item for two to 10 times more value than the market price,” Harding said.

Harding has been doing this for years and wants to continue doing it throughout high school and college.

“My favorite part is the love for the shoes. I am a huge sneakerhead,” Harding said.

Junior Kaden Van Hoecke, a fellow reseller and student at DHS, has received help from Harding on many occasions regarding the basics of buying and reselling luxury apparel. Though buying and reselling designer items creates possible profit, it comes with risk.  

“You have to buy and sell items through trusted websites and reliable brands, or else you could get scammed and lose all of your money,” Van Hoecke said.

The price of the designer items can vary all over the place, being in the low hundreds to the high thousands.

“The most profit I have made from a pair of shoes is over 20 times as much as their retail,” Harding said.

Aside from buying and reselling, Harding participates on the DHS baseball team where he remains an avid sneakerhead.