Seniors commit to MidAmerica Nazarene University to play collegiate volleyball

Maggie Kroeger, Editor in Chief

Recently, seniors Kadin McGee and Kyra Halvorsen both committed to play volleyball at the collegiate level for MidAmerica Nazarene University. Halvorsen committed on Dec 17, while McGee committed eight days later on Christmas Day. 

Both McGee and Halvorsen have always hoped to play college volleyball, and they feel that MNU is the perfect fit for that dream. 

“I’ve always imagined myself playing collegiate-level volleyball, but until I visited MNU, I couldn’t really picture myself at a specific school,” McGee said. “I would say that yes, it has always been my dream to play in college, but I couldn’t see myself at any of the schools I visited or received offers from until I played with the team at MNU, so I’m really glad I waited to find the right school.” 

Halvorsen also feels that MNU is the perfect fit, having had much experience with the coach and positive interactions with the team. 

“The head coach Molly Karagyaurov and I have always been close. She was a coach for me during the summer in middle school, and she did some camps at De Soto High School during my freshman and sophomore years,” Halvorsen said. “Coach Molly has always been a person I look up to, and to now play for her is a dream come true. She was a big reason I chose MNU, as her coaching strategies are positive and effective, and I truly believe she will make me a better player. When I practiced with their team, I immediately loved it and the environment I was in.”

Similarly, McGee feels that the dynamic of volleyball program at MNU had the largest influence over her decision to commit. 

“My coach and my future teammates are the primary reason that I decided to commit to MNU. I really liked how their program is designed and I feel like it most closely resembled what I’ve always been looking for in a college, with a competitive environment and a ton of hardworking teammates,” McGee explained. 

For Halvorsen, her family encouraged her to chase after her dream of college volleyball  despite the setbacks she’s faced throughout her career. 

“My biggest supporters have been my family. For a long time, I wanted nothing to do with volleyball. I was recovering from shoulder surgery and thinking I wasn’t good enough to play at the collegiate level,” Halvorsen said. “My parents would say that whatever I decide to do, they will support and be proud of me no matter what. They let me decide and talked me through all of the ups and downs.” 

Both varsity starters for the DHS girls’ volleyball team, McGee and Halvorsen have both exhibited many qualities that will transfer over to the college setting, according to head coach Lindsay Hothan. 

“I definitely think they have the maturity to compete very well at the college level,” Hothan said. “ I think Kyra could be an excellent hitter and backrow player at the collegiate level, and I think Kadin can also be a huge asset at the net at the collegiate level as well, or even if the back row if she wants because I know that’s something she strives to do. I have full confidence that they’re going to be big contributors in their college careers.”