Wildcat of the Week: Belle Wegner


Abby Campbell, Staff Reporter

At De Soto High School, many people cannot say they have been out of the country — let alone India. Despite this, freshman Belle Wegner is an exception. 

Wegner has been going to India every year or two with her father, Rob Wegner, and other church leaders. 

“Our church was looking for global partners who we could collaborate with to work together in a Jesus mission,” Rob said. “That day I had specifically mentioned Sudan because the church there was under great persecution.” 

Rob later found himself going to Sudan just a month later under an organization called the Bible League. Once he returned from his mission, Ron Vandergriend, one of the men who had gone to Sudan, came up to Rob and offered him the opportunity to join a group of church leaders in India doing mission work. Happily taking the offer, Belle and Rob went to India to do amazing things. 

When the Wegners visit, they do several different things. 

“We go to little villages, help kids out, feed them, and help them build new houses,” Belle said. 

The Wegners visit south India every one or two years and every time they visit, it is always a new location. 

From these life learning experiences, Rob thinks his daughter has learned a lot. 

“I think Belle has learned to appreciate a different culture by making friends, she learned to appreciate how well we have it in America, and her faith in God has strengthened,” Wegner said. 

Belle friends are also very proud of her contributions, including freshman Renae Kohles. 

“She’s always there for people and she’s always willing to make the world a better place,” Kohles said.