WOTW: Alexus Hobson demonstrates leadership at DHS

Senior Alexus Hobson poses for cheer senior photo

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Senior Alexus Hobson poses for cheer senior photo

Chase Culver, Staff Reporter

De Soto High School can be known for its football games, unique small-town feel and surplus of student activities. Within one of DHS’s most peppy clubs, cheer, is senior captain Alexus Hobson. 

Hobson has been involved in cheer during much of her time at DHS and has loved every minute of it.

“My favorite thing about DHS is the atmosphere [because] the students here are so kind and I always feel welcomed by everyone,” Hobson said.

Hobson works hard to practice kindness both within her cheer team and her community.

“As a cheerleader, I have stepped up as a leader because I feel all leaders should show positivity,” Hobson said. 

On the team with Hobson is senior cheerleader Sierra Grube, who feels Hobson’s positivity has gone a long way on the team. 

“Alexus [Hobson] has been an amazing leader as captain and is always in a cheerful mood which in turn made everyone else excited,” Grube said

Along with being an overall source of positivity on the cheer team, Grube also felt that Hobson was especially impactful towards the freshman. 

“She [Hobson] is very welcoming and always has a positive attitude with them. She teaches them new things and is always helping with rides to games and practices,” Grube said. 

Hobson’s teammates are inspired by her in other ways than just her ability to be kind.

“No matter what obstacles she faces, she comes out and shines. She is way stronger than anyone knows and is an amazing person inside and out,” Grube said.

Through high school, Hobson’s positivity has been inspired by staff members such as English teacher Emily Shepard.

“Mrs. Shepard has influenced me because she is always trying to help her students, she greets them every morning, and she always puts a smile on my face.” Hobson said.

Hobson plans on attending Pittsburg State University during the fall of 2020 and hopes to spread her positivity to her new home as well. 

“Being positive helps avoid life’s worries and can brighten [peoples] spirits.” Hobson said.