Wildcat of the Week: Shelby Marquis

DHS Wildcat is involved in many activities


Wildcat Photo

Sophomore Shelby Marquis, in her role as Sponge in James and the Giant Peach.

Deleana Marquez, Staff Reporter

When sophomore Shelby Marquis isn’t studying for an upcoming test or figuring out a way to improve De Soto High School as a Student Council member, she will likely be found serving lattes at Cause Coffee or on stage performing. 

Marquis, aside from being heavily involved at DHS, tries to volunteer at Cause as often as possible. 

“I volunteer about every other weekend,” Marquis said. 

Cause Coffee, located in downtown De Soto, is a non-profit coffee house that runs solely on volunteers. Marquis became associated with the organization through friends who are involved at Cause. 

Through Cause, Marquis has gotten the opportunity to learn about something she holds dear to her heart—coffee. She has also been able to learn about more issues around the world, such as unsanitary drinking water in Nicaragua. 

Another of Marquis’ interests is theater. Prior to freshman year, Marquis performed at the Culture House, an art school in Olathe but now chooses to focus solely on school-produced shows. 

“Last year, I was involved with Guys and Dolls and Footloose,” Marquis said. 

Marquis played the role of Wendy Jo, a friend of one of the main characters in Footloose, but her involvement with theater does not stop there. 

“Last spring, I was inducted into the International Thespian Society as a freshman,” Marquis said. “I had the chance to go to Nebraska for the International Thescon to go to dance and acting workshops.” 

While there, Marquis also got to see shows that the Thespian troupes put on. 

According to Marquis, her favorite show that she has been involved in was James and the Giant Peach in eighth grade, where she  played Sponge.

“I got to play a character that was totally out of my comfort zone and I got to really play with the character,” Marquis said.