DHS students travel far and wide


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Sophomore Mason Laney poses for a photo while hiking at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

Deleana Marquez, Staff Reporter

People often take summer as an opportunity to travel and explore new places. This summer, many De Soto High School students had the opportunity to visit various unique places. 

Sophomore Rebekah Doyel got to visit several different regions, including Honduras and Kauai. 

“I went to Tegucigalpa [Honduras] with a few friends and family where we did mission trip work,” Doyel said. 

Her trip to Honduras lasted a little over a week before she headed to Kauai, a Hawaiian island known for its tropical rainforest. 

“We got to go skydiving, surfing, snorkeling, swimming, ziplining and hiking,” Doyel said, “I had been wanting to visit the island for a while so the trip was lots of fun.”

Sophomore Keeley Chambers also ventured outside the country into neighboring Canada. 

“My family is from Canada, so we try to visit as often as we can,” said Chambers. 

While in Canada, Chambers stayed in Ontario and visited  Fort Henry, a historic military fort in Kingston.               “Going to Canada is always a fun experience so I can’t wait to go back,”  Chambers said. 

Other students chose to vacation within the country. Sophomore Mason Laney visited Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. 

The ranch is owned and operated by the Boy Scouts of America and Laney, a long time boy scout, was excited to go. 

Laney, along with his boy scout troop, hiked 73 miles through the mountains over 11 days.

“I had so much fun. It was probably my favorite experience ever,” Laney said. 


While on the trail, Laney got the chance to climb the cliff faces and take a gold mine tour.  

Wildcat Photo
Sophomore Rebekah Doyel poses with children from Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
Wildcat Photo
Sophomore Keeley Chambers poses for a photo in Kingston, Ontario.