DHS students discuss how to manage work and school


Camryn Robbinson

Senior Aspen Grieshaber works on her AP Psychology homework during her down time at work at the Lenexa Public Market on Sept. 25.

Camryn Robbinson, Editor In Chief

While graduating from high school is an expectation held by most parents and colleges, obtaining a job during one’s teenage years is also a supposition. When it comes to students at De Soto High School, the vast population deal with the stress of maintaining a job and getting sufficient grades. 

For senior Aspen Grieshaber, working after school can be strenuous, but over the years, she has found what works best for her when getting her school work done.

“Learning how to manage your time and plan ahead is crucial for staying on top of school work,” Grieshaber said. “I think the biggest thing I have learned is planning when you work and then figuring out what homework you can get done based on your work schedule.”

Along with using the weekends to finish projects and other homework, many students have found that finding jobs with enough downtime to work on homework is beneficial when juggling both work and school. 

“Working on homework during my free time at work has taken a lot of stress off of my shoulders, and it has helped free up my schedule,” Grieshaber said. “I would recommend a job that doesn’t make you stressed because stress from work on top of stress from school is not ideal.” 

The new addition of Senior Symposium has also played a role in helping students manage their school work. This class provides two free blocks either in the morning or afternoon for students to complete homework or pick up extra hours at their jobs. Senior Adison Reinertsen, however, uses Senior Symposium for both work and school. 

“Senior Symposium has been very helpful for when I have a lot of homework,” Reinertsen said. “During my free blocks in the morning, I either work so I have more time to finish homework after school or vise versa.”

According to senior Graci Molzen, finding a job that is flexible with high school students is key to keeping up with school work.

“I work at a daycare which is nice because it normally closes around six or seven, so when I get off there is still time to complete any homework for the next day,” Molzen said. 

Molzen also recommends finding ways to avoid procrastinating, such as using Seminar time or even studying with friends.

“As you get older, you realize how important any free time is. Instead of using seminar time to mess around, I have learned to work on any homework I have,” Molzen said. “I also think finding a group to study with is helpful because you can still have fun while being productive.” 

Because working and going to school can get stressful at times, it is important to schedule some sort of down time during the week; whether that be reading a book or just watching a show on Netflix.

“Although my week does get busy with work, school and cheer, I have made it a goal of mine to save some time for activities that I like to do and I would recommend that for anyone,” Reinertsen said.