Wildcat of the Week: Junior Alex Braley starts unifying Photography Club


Alex Braley's photograph of nature.

Natalie Nusz, Staff Reporter

Alex Braley’s photograph of nature.

Junior Alex Braley was able to share his interest with others by starting his very own photography club. The club meets from 3-3:30 p.m. every Tuesday after school in Katie Meserko’s room and is open to anyone.

“My goal for the club is to get more people that usually wouldn’t think they’re good at photography to join amd improve, because everyone can improve in photography and everyone has a talent,” Braley said.

 Meserko, who teaches Braley in her video production class, is the sponsor for the new club. She believes in Braley’s skills and says the club is helping him grow as well. 

“He is in video productions. He also did photo imaging last year in class, so he’s got a lot of skills. It’s kind of nice for him because when he’s teaching it [photography], it’s giving him more knowledge because you learn things best when you teach it,” Meserko said. 

Braley has stepped up as leader of this club and made lesson plans for what they will do each week. He has plans to develop contests and more activities within the club. 

“He has got power points set up and instructions for note taking on camera settings and things like that. He’s going to start organizing some meetups or contests.” Meserko said

Braley has been surrounded by photography his whole life because of his dad’s work in this field. The inspiration that came from his dad has encouraged him to inspire others through his passion.

“My passion for photography comes from my dad because he is an architectural photographer … so he has a bunch of cameras, and I have always been surrounded by cameras,” Braley said 

The Photography Club is open to all students and new members are always welcome. If students want to improve, they can learn from Braley’s developed photography talents. 

“I just want every person to explore because each person has their own voice with the camera,” Braley said.