Wildcat of the week: Lane Hileman

Junior enjoys running for DHS


Justine Wheeler

Junior cross country runners Lane Hileman and Erin Pickert pose with a sign they made at a team dinner on Sept. 17, 2017 for a homecoming parade.

Justine Wheeler , Feature Editor

Springtime has already rolled around and this means many De Soto High School students are busy with working hard at school as well as spring sports.

Junior Lane Hileman is busy with multiple AP classes as well as her involvement in cross country and track.

Her favorite activity at DHS is cross country because of the supportive atmosphere.   

“With cross country, the boys and the girls are really close and it’s really nice to have that because you kind of feel like one big running family,” Hileman said.

Hileman also enjoys running because of all the “weird and crazy memories” she makes with her teammates.

“When you’re running, you have all this adrenaline that is flowing through you and you sometimes make crazy decisions,” Hileman explained. “We all have weird nicknames for everyone and it’s just great.”

Hileman explained how the cross country runners have big team breakfasts at a teammate’s house after long runs to gain back some of the calories lost from running.

The team also has team dinners the night before a race.

“That [going to team dinners] is really fun because we play games, and we have water balloon fights and stuff that really builds team bonding,” Hileman said.  

Hileman likes getting to see her teammates before race day to calm any nerves she may have about her race.

According to Hileman, new head cross country and track coach Jack Sachse has helped to create an environment that focuses on team bonding. Hileman is confident in Sachse’s ability to coach running.

“He [Sachse] has been the best running coach I’ve ever had,” Hileman said.

According to Hileman, since Sachse was an excellent runner himself, having competed as an athlete for Kansas State University, it gives him credibility as a coach and he is well-respected.

The DHS track season is currently underway and Hileman has run the open 800 meters, the 4 x 800-meter relay, the 4 x 400 meter-relay and the 300-meter hurdles. Hileman is confident that the team will do well at Regionals and that DHS will be well-represented at State.