DHS student is diverse in the instrument world


Wildcat Photo

Junior Faythe Reeves poses for a picture with her guitar and new harmonica she got during her spring break trip to Nashville on March 18.

Camryn Robbinson, News Editor

For most students, band is the only experience they get with learning how to play musical instruments. For junior Faythe Reeves, music has been a major part of her life since she was a baby.

Even when Reeves was in elementary school, she would perform in De Soto High School musical productions, such as a munchkin in the Wizard Of Oz.

“I started out always being in musicals for DHS, and to this day, I continue to be in shows at De Soto. I remember being a baby in The Sound of Music for the school [DHS],” Reeves said.

Her long career in musical productions does not stop with just singing and dancing; Reeves also is self taught in many different instruments.

“I play trumpet for the band, ukulele, guitar, piano and I just got a harmonica during my spring break trip to Nashville. I am really excited to learn how to play the harmonica,” Reeves said.

Reeves attributes her passion for music to her four older siblings, who were just as musically inclined when they were her age.

“Music has been a really big part of my life, and I was kind of born into listening to music,” Reeves said. “I have four other siblings that were all in band and involved in musicals from fifth grade to high school, and so were my parents. My parents actually met in band at KU, so music plays a huge role in my life.”

Her recent trip to Nashville over spring break helped her to realize how passionate she is about all genres of music and inspired her to learn how to play with a more “blue-grassy and country tone.”

Reeves’ favorite instrument to play at the moment is guitar, and she credits that to her vacation to the “Music City.”

“I love playing the guitar for the sound, but also the history with it. When I went to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, everyone was playing a guitar, and it was really cool to see an 80 year old be so amazing at playing the guitar and inspired me to do so,” Reeves said.

Reeves not only teaches herself how to play these different instruments, but also helps out others wanting to learn as well, such as her best friend Amanda Franklin.

“Faythe taught me how to play Happy Birthday and Hooked On a Feeling on the ukulele,” Franklin said. “Ever since she started teaching me how to play [the ukulele], it inspired me to buy one of my own, and now I just practice on it with the help of Faythe.”

Reeves encourages anyone wanting to learn a new instrument to not think twice about it and start learning how to play for fun.

“If you are thinking of getting an instrument, I would definitely try to save up for one, because it is something you will have forever and it is just really fun to learn how to play,” Reeves said.