Wildcat of the Week: Evan Sauro

Senior Evan Sauro sits in front of his sound board where he writes raps and produces beats.

Wildcat Photo

Senior Evan Sauro sits in front of his sound board where he writes raps and produces beats.

Ellie Fowks, Editor-in-Chief

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There are many students at De Soto High School who have a passion for music and are involved in band, choir or drama. However, senior Evan Sauro creates music through a different media: Soundcloud rap.

Sauro explained that he has been around music production since he was young because of his father’s involvement in a band. Due to this, he realized that he had a passion for music at an early age.

“My dad was always really into music so as a kid I played the drums and piano,” Sauro explained. “I just picked it back up and found an interest for music again.”

As of now, Sauro mainly produces beats for songs on his laptop, but has written a few full songs and is hoping to expand his talent.

Sauro discussed that he is often inspired by other artists as well as things that occur in his life when writing music, explaining that creating music gives him the freedom to create anything that he wants.

“It [a song idea] can really come from anywhere. A lot of producers will pick up stuff from other producers, so that is sometimes what I do. It [a song] can really just become anything that you want,” Sauro said.

In addition to writing songs, Sauro plays boys’ basketball at DHS and is on A&M Crew. In the future, he plans to attend Johnson County Community College for two years and then go to the University of Kansas to major in finance.

For now, Sauro just writes songs as a passion, but says that he wouldn’t be upset if something good came out of all of it.

“This is just a hobby right now,” Sauro said. “But obviously if it goes somewhere else, I’m fine with that.”

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