Wildcat of the week: Rylie Chambers

Sophomore student involved in a unique club school sport


Wildcat Photo

Sophomore Rylie Chambers poses during a figure skating competition held at the Kansas City Ice Center in Shawnee on Sept. 21.

Camryn Robbinson, News Editor

It is usually unheard of for people in Kansas to develop skill in ice skating, given the state’s geographic isolation from the cold and major bodies of water, but for sophomore Rylie Chambers, ice skating takes up most of her free time.

Chambers began skating when she was 10 years old. For her, the inspiration to become involved in figure skating came from her siblings.

“A lot of people in my family either played hockey or figure skated, so I basically just grew up around it and have always loved it,” Chambers explained.

In order for Chambers to compete, she dedicates a lot of her time to practicing, and even takes ballet classes to help with her agility while skating. Over the summer, she practices for almost 20 hours a week. However, due to other school commitments, she only practices for five hours a week during the school year.

According to Chambers, the competitive figure skating season is year-round, so she is able to attend competitions often.

“It really just depends on the year,” Chambers said. “I usually just try to go to as many as I can during the season.”

As her experience for the sport increases, it is not uncommon for her to come home with a trophy.

“Most competitions I compete at, I usually get a medal because the awards are given in groups of eight people. I would say that at the majority of the competitions, I place in that top eight,” Chambers said.

When it comes to the deeper reasoning as to why Chambers continues to figure skate, she explained that skating “works for me” because it is athletic, but is also an art form that makes her feel “pretty and confident.”

Fast forwarding to her future, she hopes to continue figure skating after college or even begin coaching the sport.