Wildcat of the week: Cody Adams

Junior takes passion to the next level


Wildcat Photo

Junior Cody Adams plays marching quads in the home football game on September 7.

Erin Pickert, Staff Reporter

Many students have passions that they are dedicated to, but few take it to the next level like junior Cody Adams does.

“I’m with the Overland Park Fire Explorers,” Adams said. “I’m one of their officers and I’ve been there for three years.”

Adams became an officer with the Fire Explorers by attending meetings and receiving his ride-along certification.

The Fire Explorers train to respond to real life situations by learning to put out fires, break open doors and learn first-aid.

“We take the fire academy, which is funded by Johnson County, and we reenact scenarios they do,” Adams said.

Adams recalls rescue missions where he pulled out mannequins and thought, “this could be a real person, so would I be prepared?”

Adams describes the experience as a rush, because the Fire Explorers aren’t told the scenario until minutes before the mission.

For Adams, the biggest appeal is the sense of teamwork and cooperation fostered between very different individuals.

“You have a group that may be completely different and then they just get together at once to solve a problem that arises,” Adams added.

Yet, Firefighting is not the only time Adams works as a member of a dedicated team. Last summer, Adams joined the Colt Cadets, an elite drum and bugle corps. Players that have auditioned and been accepted into drum corps must be dedicated and be willing to put in the work and time.

Adams made the cut and was placed on bass drum.

“Normally, we practiced from seven in the morning to 10 in the evening,” Adams said.

After these marathon days of rehearsal, the Colt Cadets travelled around the midwest to thirteen different states in three months.

“I really wanted to get better as a player and as a person,” Adams said. “It definitely built my character and endurance.”

Though Adam’s experience in the Colt Cadets required a lot of hard work, Adams recommends it to any musician who is ready to work and advises them to “just go for it.”

Adams is willing to take his passions to the next level, and supports anyone willing to do the same.