Wildcat of the week: Drayvhen Moore


Wildcat Photo

Senior Dravhen Moore stands in the student section with her arms in the air as she cheers on the football team at the Fall Festival on Aug. 2

Ellie Fowks, Editor-in-Chief

With each new school year at De Soto High School comes a different set of seniors who are expected to be the leaders of the school. While there are many different places one can find positions of authority within their classes, clubs and sports, senior Drayven Moore looked a little bit outside of the box to claim her spot of being in charge.

For the 2018 school year, Moore has committed herself to be the student section leader at most DHS sporting events. At a typical game, she leads a set of cheers and chants and coordinates game themes and decorations. Other students often look to Moore for guidance when wanting to do certain things that show school spirit.

“I lead all of the cheers, and we just started doing push-ups every time that we score a touchdown or any points at football games. I’ve been getting different people who want to do push-ups down at the game,” Moore explained.

Moore took on this role because she believes she has a loud enough voice for everyone to hear and really enjoys attending the DHS sport events.

“I enjoy starting all the cheers,” Moore said. “At the Saint James [volleyball] game, their athletic director come up to me and told me that I did a really good job and that our student section looked really good.”

Moore believes that school spirit is important because it shows support for the teams and pushes them to do their best while competing.

“It [school spirit] helps the athletes. You always play better when you have a positive crowd. That really helps give you a better chance of winning,” Moore explained.

Besides attending almost all games, Moore is involved in Cat Pride, the Freshman Mentor Council, a manager for basketball, on the girls’ soccer team, on Pep Club and in A&M Crew.

Despite her busy schedule, Moore plans on making an appearance at almost every football, volleyball, basketball and soccer game that she can and is excited to continue to lead the student section.