WOTW: Kasey Seaba travels to England for a babysitting gig


Wildcat Photo

Senior Kasey Seaba standing in front of the Windsor Castle Cathedral in Berkshire, England, with the family she stayed with over the summer in Andover, England.

Camryn Robbinson, News Editor

During the summer, most students find jobs to fill up their free time. When trying to find places to work, students usually look for businesses that are close to home, but for senior Kaesy Seaba, she chose a job 4,361 miles away.

Last summer, Seaba flew to Andover, England, to live with a family of five and look after their kids.

“The family I was staying with were family friends that we visited last summer, and they mentioned me coming to England and look after their kids since childcare is so expensive,” Seaba said.

Seaba stayed with the family for three weeks and then went to Scotland with her parents for two more weeks.

Along with Seaba babysitting the kids, she had lots of time to go sightseeing and to really take in the cultural differences.

“It was cool because they showed me places that I probably wouldn’t go see if I was just a tourist. I went to Winchester, and they just have a really famous cathedral. They also took me to [Somerset] Cheddar, where cheddar cheese came from,” Seaba said. “It is just really cool because those things are really unique to them, but I would never have gone to those places by myself.”

As for culture, Seaba enjoyed talking about all the differences between Americans and Europeans with the family. Getting to know more about what they ate and slang terms they used was her favorite part.

“I just loved talking with them,” Seaba said. “The family and I would talk about the different things we would say, or even the things they ate that Americans would never consider eating … That was definitely my favorite part.”

This trip was very memorable for Seaba and, if invited, she would like to go back every summer.