Wildcat of the week: Ashlen Boresow

Sophomore Ashlen Boresow poses with an elephant during a safari expedition in Africa.

Wildcat Photo

Sophomore Ashlen Boresow poses with an elephant during a safari expedition in Africa.

Camryn Robbinson, Staff Reporter

For some students, after school activities are very important. Dancing on the De Soto High School dance team, being involved in theater and still managing to keep a 4.0 GPA is not as easy as it seems. For sophomore Ashlen Boresow, that is everyday life.

Boresow started acting when she was just 4r years old and hasn’t stopped since. Not only is she involved with the theater program at DHS, she is also involved with out-of-school theater. Boresow is affiliated with Immeasurable Productions and Trilogy Cultural Arts. Some of the shows she has recently participated in include: Thoroughly Modern Millie and Les Miserables.

“I took a small break from acting until I got to middle school. I started acting again and now this is my first year doing high school shows. As for out of school productions, I have been in several,” Boresow said.

It is not unknown that she works well with others in the theater program. Sophomore Aspen Grieshaber, a fellow theater member and friend, appreciates Boresow’s leadership skills.

“This year, when she was a lead role for the musical, she did not disappoint. Her dedication towards forensics last year was really respected,” Grieshaber said.

Other than singing and acting, Boresow dances as well. She started dancing three years ago and is now on the DHS Diamonds dance team.

Her dedication and drive for extra-curriculars has brought her to achieve above and beyond the average student.

With the minimal free-time Boresow has, she likes to spend as much time as she can with her family and her dog Corkie.

She travels often with her family during the summer. Boresow and her family have been to the Netherlands, Africa and many more exotic places.

Boresow plans to continue in the DHS theater program as well as the school’s dance team throughout her high school career.