Goldsby crowned Prom queen


Prom queen Emma Goldsby stands next to king candidate Kyle Wernimont. Photo by Julia Sanders

Emma Bascom, Associate Editor

Senior Emma Goldsby was crowned Prom queen of De Soto High School on April 30, along with Travis Hodge who was named king.

Goldsby had been running for the position all year, most notably with the tag #egg4promqueen on social media.

“I ran for Prom queen because I thought it would be funny to treat something like Prom queen like a presidential campaign, and it was incredibly funny,” Goldsby said.

The campaign was not all fun, however. Towards the end, Goldsby and running mate/prom king candidate Kyle Wernimont campaigned much more intensely and even made t-shirts to spread the word.

“I campaigned throughout the year mostly to keep my name in people’s minds. In the end, I campaigned really hard because I was scared to lose after a year of campaigning,” Goldsby said.

When it was time to announce the winner, Goldsby said she felt extremely nervous.

“I was incredibly nervous before they announced the winner. I didn’t want to go on stage. I was so scared. I couldn’t look at anyone,” Goldsby said. “I was so happy when I won. My main goal this year was to win prom queen, and I achieved it. It was the happiest moment of my life.”

Sadly, that moment was slightly tainted because after Goldsby was crowned, a group of students began to boo her. However, Goldsby found a way to remain happy.

“I was okay with the booing, honestly. Bailey is a great girl and so is Aubri, but I won and that’s that,” Goldsby said. “I’ve received so much more support; so many people have congratulated me. I never thought winning Prom queen was such a huge deal, because I sort of treated it like a joke.”

Ultimately, Goldsby explained that she was just excited to be able to be a part of the court, saying, “I was incredibly honored to be on the court at all, and to be voted as prom queen is the greatest honor I could ever dream of, so thank you to everyone who voted for me.”