Who is your candidate?


Emma Bascom, Associate Editor

Kirsten Stous for Donald Trump

Why do you like your candidate?

I like Donald Trump because he is not a lawyer. We need a business man to actually get us back on track with the economy and create jobs. I also agree with his views on many issues in the debates. One thing about the immigration issue- Trump is against letting the refugees from Syria in the US without any documentation or background checks. It would be very easy for terrorist groups to come into the country that way. In fact, ISIS has admitted that this is part of their plan.

What issues do you think are important in this election?

National sovereignty versus global sovereignty, federal rights versus states rights, trade policies and the economy, and immigration and thorough processing of people coming into the country.

Why do you not like the other candidates?

Bernie Sanders supports socialism, which I do not agree with at all. Also, I do not agree with his policy to lower the cost of college. Most Bernie supporters don’t realize that they will still be paying for other people’s college through higher taxes. Bernie also doesn’t know how to run a business or boost an economy. The problem with Hillary Clinton is that she cannot be trusted. She already had the whole email scandal. Our country also needs a strong figure as our president, and personally I don’t think she fits that role.

What about your candidate is good for America—especially right now?

There are lopsided levels in the trades between countries. Trump will level the playing field in trade, lower corporate taxes, build the economy, and make our manufacturing even with other countries. Our economy is in a low place right now and we need to get it back on track before we can think about other issues.

Why should people vote for your candidate?

The other candidates do not have any knowledge about building an economy and have no experience in business and entrepreneurship. Of all the high-ranking candidates, Donald Trump is the best choice our country has.


Zach Yarbrough for Bernie Sanders

Why do you like your candidate?

I like Bernie Sanders because he is the one that is most in tune with the big problems in America. While other candidates choose to beat around the bush when asked about controversial topics, Sanders never shies away and always knows what his answer is going to be.

What issues do you think are important facing this election?

The most important problems facing this election are class injustice, equal rights and the environment.

What about your candidate is good for America—especially right now?

Sanders knows what the true problems are. He has been fighting for civil rights for over 50 years, so he has seen first hand the prejudiced society in which we live. While other candidates are trying to protect themselves and the large donors to their campaign, sanders is attacking the problems head on, because his opinion cannot be bought

Why should people vote for your candidate?

Other people should vote for my candidate because he wants everyone to have an equal chance. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean handouts. Bernie Sanders knows there are flaws in all levels of our nation. As unfortunate as that is, it’s a reality. Bernie Sanders is trying to start a political revolution so that every person in America has a voice, like it was supposed to be when the United States gained its independence.