Senior Kate Barger has major impact on DHS


Spring Andrews

Senior Kate Barger runs during the beginning of the League race at Rim Rock Trail on Oct. 16, 2014.

Jordan Wolf, Sports Editor

At De Soto High School, students have the opportunity to be involved in many different sports and activities. Senior Kate Barger has certainly taken advantage of that offer this year.

Barger’s involvement includes running  on the cross country and track teams, being a drum major in the band and a top member of the  Scholar’s Bowl team, belonging to  both A&M Crew and National Honors’ Society and having the title of Senior Class President.

It may be hard to imagine how she can handle all of that, but she finds a way.

“It’s kind of difficult because I’m a procrastinator by nature, but I think the big thing is just communication and telling teachers what I have going on, because they’re willing to help you with that.” Barger said.

There isn’t an offseason for Barger. As soon as cross country ends in the fall, she joins the Scholar’s Bowl team. Once that ends, it’s time to start track season.

In addition to the extra-curricular things she is involved in, she has a presence in the classroom as well, taking five AP classes this year alone. When it comes to finding time to do the large amounts of homework that come with those classes, she says it’s not easy.

“It’s always hard getting homework done, especially since I always procrastinate,” Barger said.

Her impact in the school is definitely noticed by staff.

“Kate is a great student and finds a way to be involved in everything in the school. She is awesome because she does everything from pep assemblies to Scholars Bowl to running,“ English teacher Phillip Hamilton said.

Barger’s constant involvement in all of her activities at school have turned her into a natural leader for the class, as evidenced by her appointment as Senior Class President this year.

Leadership is one of the biggest things she has taken away from her senior year.

“It’s given me a lot of opportunities for me to practice leadership,” Barger said. “I like having an impact on our school and making it better.”

Being involved in so many things certainly can’t be easy. As Barger explains, it takes a lot of work and adapting yourself.

“I’ve learned to work better with people and become more patient. Not everyone is just like me and we think in different ways and have different priorities,” Barger said. “I’ve had to learn how to better understand people.”

As DHS students and staff alike look at the class of 2015, Barger likely stands out in their minds as someone who was exceptionally involved in school activities and had an impact on their senior year.