Junior Adam Wilcox spends spring break boar hunting

Junior Adam Wilcox spends spring break boar hunting

Wilcox poses with the boar that he killed on Saturday, March 22.

Jordan Wolf, Sports Editor

Students and staff of De Soto High School recently returned from their spring break with many stories to tell about how they spent the vacation. Junior Adam Wilcox  spent his spring break in the great outdoors.

Wilcox travelled to Mason, Texas, on Friday, March 21 with many members of his family.

As soon as he got there, he was ready to take on the challenge of boar hunting, something he has done many times before in addition to deer hunting.

The hunting began on Saturday, as he headed out to the field with his relatives.

Wilcox, along with most hunters, would agree with the statement that hunting is very calming and a good experience.

“It was pretty calming,” Wilcox said. “But at the same time, every time you are about to shoot you get a giant adrenaline rush.”

The trip turned successful early, as Saturday morning proved to be the first sign of action.

After many hours of waiting, a group of boars wandered into the clearing that the group was watching.

Initially, the boars were scared off after hearing their hunters, but Wilcox was able to shoot one boar before it got away.

Later that evening, Wilcox was able to kill another hog, making the trip very successful for him.

Overall, Wilcox enjoyed the trip and felt it was a fun way to spend part of his break.

“The hunting was very fun, mainly because we got to stay in a nice place rather than a normal tree stand,” Wilcox said.