Ravenne King swings her way to a new softball season


Sophomore Ravenne King works on hitting technique after school at De Soto High School’s turf room Jan. 22.

Emma Bascom, Staff Reporter

According to softball players, the heat of a game is like nothing ever experienced. The intensity practically radiates from the players in a tight game. The scent of popcorn and sunflower seeds fill the air and the crowd jumps as a ball soars to left field. The teams roar as the batter circles the bases. Any player’s dream.

Sophomore Ravenne King experiences excitement like a home run or a clutch strikeout all the time. Every summer since she was 3 years old, in fact.

“I watched my sister play, so it came easier for me than it would for most, because I really got to learn the game, and I thought it looked fun, so I tried it and turns out it was,” King said.

King plays all nine positions on the field, but her favorite positions are pitcher or catcher because “you have to work much harder in order to succeed, so you’re wanted on a lot more teams.”

King currently plays on three teams—Fierce, The Stingers and for the De Soto Wildcats. But not only does King play on those, she also guest plays for several other teams, playing any position needed that particular weekend.

King plays all summer long but doesn’t stop there. She played many all-weekend tournaments this fall, as well.

“[Softball] is a great stress reliever, and I would definitely recommend it to someone who wanted to play. It’s also a lot of fun. It keeps you involved and it’s like your team is your second family,” King said.

But not only does the sport relieve stress and provide new friend groups, it also changed King on a personal level.

“I used to be really shy—and anyone who knows me knows I am not shy—so now I’m more confident, outgoing and loud!” King said.

King is very passionate about the game that changed her and has high aspirations for the future.

“I want to improve and go to college at Duke, and then hopefully [softball will] be in the Olympics by then. I’d love to play there, and   eventually coach a college team.”