Autum Festival at Kill Creek

Emily Herrington, Staff Reporter

Despite the on-going construction on the barn, the Kill Creek Farm will still be hosting a pumpkin patch this year for the first time in a while.

“This pumpkin patch is in hopes of benefiiting 4-H. We appreciate any support that we get. It benefits us directly,” sophomore Bryce Zimmerman, the grandson of Darrel Zimmerman, who previously owned the farm, said.

Their pumpkin patch will be open and aims to benefit the local Pioneer 4-H club, as a fundraiser to help raise money for the food that they feed their livestock.

The pumpkins cost 40 cents a pound while the little pumpkins cost three dollars each.

In addition to selling pumpkins, they will be doing raffles.

“We will be doing raffles, which is really great,” Zimmerman said. “You can win things like Raggedy Ann dolls and there’s something like a 4 night stay in a hotel, in Branson.”

There will be consessions and a free petting zoo. They will have several different venders selling things like peanut brittle, jewelry, and crafts on the farm as well.

The pumpkin patch will be open every Saturday and Sunday in October from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with no admission charge and everyone is welcome to come.

“It benefits the kids in 4-H. Once they sell their animal that money goes into a college fund,” said Bryce Zimmerman. “This goes back to the kids.”