Staff Member of the Week: Christine Johns


Emily Herrington, Staff Reporter

  1. Q: Is there anything that you want to say before we get started?
    A: I’m really looking forward to being here. I live in the district, and I’ve heard good things about De Soto students.
  2. Q: Favorite color?
    A: Red.
  3. Q: If you could be any animal, what would you be?
    A: A dog.
  4. Q: Favorite food?
    A: I have two. Mexican or Chinese.
  5. Q: Favorite movie?
    A: Shawshank Redemption.
  6. Q: Favorite music artist?
    A: All kinds. Country, pop, 80’s hair bands, and really anything but rap.
  7. Q: Biggest fear?
    A: Not being able to raise her son to be the right kind of person. Just like most any other parents fears.
  8. Q: Any fun memories teaching with Mr. Bonar in the past?
    A: He’s exactly the same. Funny and comical.
  9. Q: Favorite season?
    A: Fall.
  10. Q: What’s at the top of your bucket list?
    A: Going to foreign countries. Europe has the most history. I would love to see the camps in Germany. They have so much history.
  11. Q: Do you have any pets?
    A: A dog, he’s a black lab, and his name is Champ.
  12. Q: Favorite gum flavor?
    A: Cinnamon.
  13. Q: Favorite sports team?
    A: Any Kansas City team. Like the Chiefs and the Royals.