Nine simple Valentine’s Day gifts

Nine simple Valentine's Day gifts

Ally Barnhart, Social Media Director

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there are a lot of couples at De Soto High School. Some people still have no idea about what to give and may not know what to get their significant other. Here is a list of the easiest gifts for Valentine’s Day for both women and men.

Number one is a candle for the ladies. A cheap simple candle with a scent of vanilla or roses can be found at Nordstroms, Bath and Body Works or even just Walmart or Target.

Number two is cologne for the men. Brands such as AXE, CHANEL and SAUVAGE would be great for a typical day scent. Cologne can be found at a store like Bath and Body Works as they have more scents than one can imagine.

Number three is fragrance for the ladies. A simple four-ounce bottle of perfume will be used in almost every occasion. Scents such as Daisy, Versace and Noir can be found at Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works or a retail store like Macy’s.

Number four is a wallet for the gentleman. A new wallet every once in awhile is never a bad idea. A cheap wallet from any retail store will make a man happy.

Number five is a box of chocolate and candy for the ladies. Chocolate and candy will satisfy any needs and is cheap at stores like Russel Stovers and Walmart.

Number six is a simple shirt for the gentleman. A T-shirt of their favorite band, sports team or just a plain color will make them happy.

Number seven is a picture for both ladies and gentlemen. Everyone loves their favorite picture that captures their favorite moment with a little love note along with it. Pictures can be printed either online at websites like Snapfish or Shutterfly or they
can be printed in stores like Walmart or CVS.

Number eight is bath bombs for the ladies. A nice night with a bath bombs is very relaxing and can make a girls day. Bath bombs are sold cheaply at store like Lush and Target.

Lastly, number nine is gift cards. When in doubt, a gift card will do the trick. Pick out a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store and let them pick their own gift(s)!
These simple easy gifts can suit one’s needs for the holiday.