How to prepare for finals week


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Rachael Hopkins, Sports Editor

One of the most stressful times has rolled around at De Soto High School. The second and last round of finals has begun for freshmen through juniors and will not end until Wednesday, May 24. Here are some tips and tricks to prepare you for the long week of finals. Good luck!

Find Different Ways to Study

There are many unique ways to study, but the best way is what is fun for you specifically. Try making your own study guide, either in the form of flash cards or on notebook paper. Many teachers provide a study guide, but making your own may be easier. Another idea is to try color coding your study guides to make memorization more simple. Creating your own studying habits helps you to perform better on tests.

Do Not Procrastinate

The earlier you start studying, the better. When you set more time aside to focus on studying for specific subjects, the better you will understand them. I am guilty of cramming for large tests the night before, and it is not the best idea. You will do better on a test when enough time is set aside for studying.

Take Plenty of Study Breaks

When it comes to studying, breaks are key. You will not be able to memorize everything you need to know at once, so try studying off and on for an hour with 10-minute breaks in between. If you study too long, your brain may become fatigued and need a break. Also, drink plenty of water and take breaks for meals if you are studying at times you typically eat during.

Stay Well Rested

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important to doing well on a test. Falling asleep during a test is never fun and makes it very hard to stay focused on the exam. Try to aim for at least seven to eight hours of sleep the night before a final. Your physical health is much more important than an assignment or test, so make sure to rest up before and after studying.