An open letter to the Green Pride staff part two

Emma Bascom, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Green Pride Staff,

        Wow. My last web story. As I’ve been looking forward to the end of my senior year and graduation, I’ve also been looking to so many endings — I only have one choir concert left, only a few more tests (though, to be honest, I will absolutely not miss that part of high school) and only 16 school days left. Though I recognized all of these endings, it has never fully hit me that my time on The Green Pride would soon be coming to an end.

I have been a part of The Green Pride staff since the second semester of my freshman year, and being a part of the newspaper staff has seemed like such a continuous part of my high school career that thinking about not having to try to find story ideas every other week seems downright odd. Has every moment been fun? No. Some were quite far from it due to some very… intense editors and due to the stress and craziness that this year has provided (yes, I know that Sydney and I brought this upon ourselves from our high expectations, but just let me have this). That said, my experience on the newspaper staff has been unlike anything else in my life. It has taught me so many life skills that I am grateful for, but the most important thing that it did was introduce me to you crazy, wonderful individuals.

There are so many of you that I didn’t get to know personally, and if I had to change one thing about this year, it would be that. But, if I was not on the newspaper staff this year, I would never have gotten to know those of you who I have become friends with, and I never would have gotten to experience so many of your awesome personalities.

Lizzy and Ellie, I never would have gotten to know your friendship, and I never would have gotten to overhear so many hysterical conversations that leave me questioning your sanity. Micah and Abby, I never would have known about your love for The X-Files — even though Micah doesn’t believe in aliens. Reaghan and Rylee, I never would have been known as one of the newspaper moms. Even though that title makes me feel kind of — no, okay, super — weird sometimes, I know that it is meant with only the best intentions, and it really does mean a lot to me. Johnny — sorry, I mean Rat Boy — I never would have known about your 13 Reasons Why obsession, and never would have been able to have so much fun fake-yelling at you for not having your story done, even though I just saw it in the M-Drive. Alyse and Clara, I never would have gotten to know your shy, interesting personalities (P.S. thank you two for always laughing at my dumb jokes. I noticed and, yes, it did earn you brownie points). Sam and Jack, I never would have gotten to read your fun and interesting sports stories that were (sometimes) done on time. Kelly and Rachael, I never would have had the opportunity to become better through you two bouncing ideas off of me. You guys definitely kept me on my toes. Maya and Ally, you two have forced me to relax and have more fun this year than anyone else has in my entire life. I love you two dearly and I’m so thankful to have you two in my life, even though I have to check on you every fifteen minutes because you’re always making too much noise. Next year, please don’t kill whoever becomes the Editors-in-Chief. And to whoever does end up as Editor, good luck. Aneka and Paden, even though we were friends already, I never would have known your unending love for fonts and memes. You guys know exactly how to make me stop taking myself so seriously (a good, old-fashioned roast from Paden is certainly the same as getting force-fed a slice of humble pie). Sydney, I never would have known what it is like to run the newspaper with one of my closest friends. We’ve had our ups and downs, but this year has been so much fun, and I most certainly couldn’t have done it alone.

I have had the most fun, wonderful experience this year. It has been my complete privilege to spend my senior year as Editor-in-Chief. If it had been any other staff, I’m sure we would have gotten a lot more done, but I still wouldn’t trade you guys for anything in the world. Thank you for being the best staff ever, thank you for helping Sydney and I put out issues that we can be proud of, and I can’t wait to see what you guys accomplish next. I know you won’t let me down.


Emma Bascom, Editor in Chief (for the last time)