The University of Kansas is the place for me

Jordan Wolf, Sports Editor

On Monday, April 28, I was able to take a Junior Day visit to the University of Kansas to help me decide where I want to attend college. And man, was it great.

I woke up at 7:30 a.m. that morning, a solid 1-2 hours after my normal weekday routine. While my friends were sitting in class, learning about the latest physics principle they’d forget in a week, I was watching TV and eating Captain Crunch.

On my way to Lawrence, I observed a moment of silence for my peers that were taking a quiz in AP U.S. History. Not really. I just kinda chuckled.

Not all of them were enduring that pain, however. My friend, Nick Crady, went on the visit with me, as we planned on rooming together.

The visit began with a quick meet and greet with representatives of multiple departments. I met with the journalism rep and actually listened to her, and then went to a few tables simply to get a cool pen, lanyard and wristband.

After I was done tuning out the school of education and school of social welfare ambassadors, we got our information packets and tour group assignments. Luckily, I was able to convince the worker to give me the same group as Nick.

I went into the auditorium and sat down with my mom and friend. There, I listened to a somewhat entertaining speech and made eye contact with someone I went to middle school with. Man, that was awkward.

Following the address of the large group, we were split into small groups and assigned a tour guide. I was legitimately concerned my guide was either on cocaine, or had an undiagnosed condition that made her be insanely energetic.

Regardless of how jittery she was, the tour was informational. We went to two dorms, drove around the campus, and ate lunch in the dining center, where the idea of me gaining 40 pounds my freshman year became a legit possibility.

Shortly after, however, we toured the rec center, and my concerns were alleviated. It was so big, it seemed as if there was a treadmill and exercise bike for every student on campus.

The best part of the day for me came next, as we went inside Allen Fieldhouse. I’ve been there before, but there’s always been 16,299 others packed in with me. Now, there were only 30, and I could really take it all in. I figure that I’ll be spending a lot of time in there during my college stint, so getting a quick preview was nice.

The end of the day brought a walking tour of the campus. We walked past classrooms, libraries and research centers. I kind of zoned out, because I won’t be in those places that often. Just kidding, no need to have a heart attack, Mr. Hamilton.

As a whole, my experience at the KU Junior Day was very positive. I was glad that I could get a firsthand look at the school, and was satisfied as it confirmed that it will be my top priority of schools to attend in 2015.