Advanced Laser Tag: Fight the War on Boredom

Emily Herrington, Arts Editor

As we improperly put on our armor and awkwardly tried to get a handle on our weaponry, three of my friends and I walked into the large dark room. We were inept and unprepared for the battle ahead of us, but we still found enough fun in the situation to laugh about it.

After a regular adventure with Google Maps, my three friends and I met up at Advanced Laser Tag in Olathe. The building appeared small upon first walking in, but that was only the lobby.

The website advised that we make reservations, even though it wasn’t that busy. Advanced Laser Tag’s games aren’t exclusive either, which means that we played against a team of strangers.

None of my friends or I have ever actually played laser tag before, but we did have a lot of fun when we played together.

Before each round we were lead into a small room where a cheesy video about a ship being taken over and crew members fighting off the enemy was shown. In the video, instructions on how to buckle your armor and use the gun were given. Had we actually watched the video our first or second time, we probably would have played much better games.

The actual games were held in a large black room that was scattered with different randomly shaped blocks. The room became less confusing as we adjusted  to the darkness and figured out how to play the game. We started out by running around, just getting shot at by the other team but eventually worked out a plan and figured out how to play.

Our final scores were so terrible that we weren’t sure if the other team had played before, or if we were just that terrible at the game. By the time we reached our third and final round, we had all improved but not very extensively.

In the end, it would have been much more fun if we had gotten a larger group of friends and played against people we knew, as opposed to strangers who were more experienced than we were. Even though we weren’t very advanced, going to Advanced Laser Tag was still a great idea and worth the trip.