Winter is NOT a wonderland

Ryanne Mercer, News Editor

Fall means the start of school, football and of course, Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. It also means cold weather will arrive shortly. Many people love cold weather for the scarves, sweaters and other warm clothes, but I despise it.

Who wants to only be able to go outside if you are wearing layers and layers of clothes? I sure don’t want to have to bundle up to go run around outside.

Most girls have a lot of winter clothes, but I think I am minority of that. My wardrobe consists of t-shirts, tank-tops and shorts. Sure, I have a few pairs of jeans and sweatshirts, but not to the extent that most of the De Soto population has.

Fall also means that winter is coming, and it usually won’t start to get warm again until March or April. That’s four to five months that you have to stay inside or dress warm if you just want to walk outside for five minutes.

Being outside is something I love to do. Most days, as soon as I get home I go outside until dinner time or when my parents get home. In the winter I can’t because it may be snowing or raining or just plain cold. I walk from my car to the inside of my house and my nose turns bright red and my hands go numb.

In the beginning of fall it is getting chilly, but not cold enough for the entire winter closet to come out. When it’s in the mid 60’s, you don’t need to be wearing leggings, scarves, sweaters and your Uggs; it’s not cold enough yet.

At last it snows, and everyone hopes for a snow day. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow days, but people complain about not being able to go anywhere or do anything. The people complaining were the ones that said they would be “super upset if there wasn’t a snow day.”

If you are going to complain about how it’s cold outside then don’t talk about how you “love” cold weather when really you just love the fashion.