Monkey Bizness is great for monkeying around

Monkey Bizness is great for monkeying around

Emily Herrington, Arts Editor

There isn’t a better way to celebrate being able to see an R-rated movie alone and getting your driver’s license than to make a trip to Monkey Bizness with your friends.

Monkey Bizness is full of interactive inflatables, play structures and a rock wall. It is usually a place for people to have their younger kids’ birthday parties.

My friends and I all met at The Great Mall of Great Plains after reserving it for a birthday party. We were directed to a back room that had “Cara’s Birthday Party” written on the door, even though it was Tara Logan’s party.

The waiting rooms were small rooms with benches and a place to put your shoes and other belongings. Upon arriving, the employees of Monkey Bizness   came back and gave a speech about their safety regulations.

It was awkward walking in without our shoes because the floor was visibly dirty in some areas and hard to avoid, but when we got to the main room, all of that slipped our minds.

We started the party on the jungle-gym structure. It was difficult to climb around at first, due to its smaller size and scale, but the slide at the end of it was dangerously fast and made up for the awkwardness of crawling through it.

After that, we took turns racing each other through the inflatable obstacle course and realized that it was a serious workout for anyone without the energy of a 4-year-old. Although we had fun on it, we didn’t spend as much time on it.

We didn’t spend very much time in the bouncy-house but it was fun while we were in there. The entrance was a hole on the side and the exit was an inflatable slide. The slide was hard to use due to the sewn-on block steps becoming frayed and slick from wear.

Despite getting momentarily stuck at the top of the rock wall due to my fear of heights, climbing it was really fun and racing someone was even better. We all got a turn to race up it with a partner.

Everyone there easily agreed that the massive, inflatable slide was the most fun part of the night. Although we weren’t supposed to, we went down that slide every way possible and almost broke our necks.

Overall, both the kids and adults had a really fun time at Monkey Bizness. As long as you aren’t breaking all of the safety rules and you wash out your rug burns with anti-bacterial soap afterward, you could make a pretty fun night out of it.