42 is a must-see

Kelsea Burns, Staff Reporter

If you’re compiling a list of must-see movies of 2013, maybe even of all-time, 42 is a necessary addition to that list. The fantastic rendition of Jackie Robinson’s life was released on April 12 and is an excellent way to spend a little over two hours of your day.

There are many qualities that make up a good movie, including exceptional acting, valuable content and a well-written and well-developed plot. 42 had all of that and more.

Actors and actresses such as Chadwick Boseman (Jackie Robinson), Harrison Ford (Branch Richey), and Nicole Beharie (Rachel Robinson) performed their parts with excellence. It was this excellence and the set designs of the recreated ballparks that gave the movie a very realistic feel. Seeing this movie was similar to reliving this time period and watching Robinson’s story unfold before your eyes.

The portrayal of Robinson in and of itself is enough to encourage anyone to take a trip to the theater as soon as possible. The audience is enabled to see what  they possibly couldn’t see before. Boseman, with the help of a well-written script, shows Robinson as what he was – a man. He wasn’t depicted as a kind of holy entity, but as a real person. In the film, he was ambitious and brave but also inhibited by his temper, which he must keep in check as he topples the color barrier.

Although it was admittedly done strictly by the book, the plot was what you would expect of a movie such as this. It was straight forward and didn’t have too much fluff. This was the historic story of the man who shattered the color barrier between a white man’s ballgame and a black man’s, nothing more and nothing less.

This movie will please more than just baseball fans, it will please anyone and everyone. It is more than worth your time and money.